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Professor Dr. Thamer Muhammad Jameel from the Department of Communications Engineering, University of Technology, participated in the 21st International Conference on Signals, Systems and Devices
IEEE-SSD2024, which was held at the Tishk International University / Erbil, in cooperation with the German universities of Chemnitz and Leipzig.
The Philadelphia University of Jordan, the University of Sfax in Tunisia, and the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia, under the supervision of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
and IEEE Electronics. This participation comes within a series of ongoing scientific and research activities by Professor Dr. Thamer Muhammad Jameel, which aim to keep pace with rapid scientific developments in various fields, and open new horizons for scientific and research cooperation with leading academic and research institutions at the international level.

 Dr. Muhammad Hussein Marri, Head of the Wireless Communications Engineering Branch, and Dr. Mustafa Diaa Hasib, Head of the Optical Communications Engineering Branch in the Communications Engineering Department, chaired a meeting with faculty members.
Several topics were discussed, including the final examination process and the instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the University Presidency in this regard, emphasizing adherence to the laws, regulations and instructions related to final examinations, as well as cooperation with members of the examination committees for the purpose of providing the appropriate atmosphere for our dear students.
He also assured the teachers of completing the assignments and submitting them on the specified date, as well as handing over the final exam question models with their solutions to the exam committees and other matters that provide for the advancement of the scientific and educational reality in the service of the university and the department.
At the end of the meeting, the branch heads extended their thanks and gratitude to the faculty members for their efforts and wished everyone continued success.


Dr. Thamer Mohammed Jamel participated in the discussion committee held in the Department of Electrical Engineering for doctoral student Imad Ahmed Hussein Al-Mashhadani on his tagged message.

"Deep learning to guess the frequency selective faint technique."

The panel discussion consisted of the following professors:
Prof. Dr. Nazid Hassan Salumi President
Prof. Dr. Thamer Mohammed Jameel Member
Prof. Dr. Fadil Sahil Hassan Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussein Ali Abdelnabi is a member.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhannad Abdul Shahab
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ghanem Abdul Karim Al-Rabaie Member and Supervisor

Research discusses the performance of photovoltaic matrix configurations
Engineer Mohamed Osama Sobhy in the Department of Communications Engineering published research as part of his master's degree requirements and with the title:
Due to the effects of partial shading on solar panel productivity, which in turn negatively affects the performance characteristics of photovoltaic systems, researchers worked on various studies to overcome this phenomenon and improve solar system productivity. This research aims to study different techniques to enhance the resulting energy and efficiency of the photovoltaic system by reducing the number of peaks in the curve of properties, power restraints, and mismatches. These configurations include horizontal-screw photovoltaic matrix technology and binding bridge technology where both models were designed using Matlab Simulink software and examined during six shading patterns.
According to the results, the composition of the link bridge works more efficiently under partial shading conditions compared to the formation of the helix horizontal photoelectric array

Saturday, 13 April 2024 19:36

Visit to Zahur Alawi House

The Department of Communications Engineering organized a visit to Zahur Alawi House with the participation of professors and students and with the support of the Head of Department Dr. Afaneen Anwar Abood This visit is part of the activities of the Student Activities and Volunteer Work Unit in the department. The teachers and students of the department are guaranteed to provide Eid clothing for all the girls of the house and distribute gifts by the students of the department.

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