The Department of foundation

The Communication Engineering Department is a high academic institute department newly established in 2015, in which the duration of the study is 4 years. The department is one of the departments in the University of Technology, Iraq and it is equivalent to a faculty in other Iraqi universities. The establishment of the Communication Engineering Department was based on the needs of market and society. The department consists of two main branches, Wireless Communication Systems Engineering and the branch of Optical Communication Systems Engineering. The curriculums of the department are principally oriented toward preparing students for careers by providing them
 with the engineering and technical education appropriate to meet modern technological challenges in the field of communication
 engineering. The basic curriculums include mathematics, basic sciences, human rights and fundamental and specialized engineering topics related to communication engineering. The
 department is completely located in the campus of the University of Technology in Baghdad. Students are admitted in the department by the centrally acceptance system of the Ministry of Higher Education. The majority of admitted students are graduates of secondary (scientific sections), also the department accepts a limited number of top institutes students and the first student from industry secondary school thus the department does not interfere in the determining the proportions of males and females accepted in the department. Both genders are welcomed to study in the department. The department awards graduated students with Bachelor of Science in Engineering with specialization according to the branches of the department.