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Participation of Professor Dr. Thamer Muhammad Jameel in an international conference

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Professor Dr. Thamer Muhammad Jameel from the Department of Communications Engineering, University of Technology, participated in the 21st International Conference on Signals, Systems and Devices
IEEE-SSD2024, which was held at the Tishk International University / Erbil, in cooperation with the German universities of Chemnitz and Leipzig.
The Philadelphia University of Jordan, the University of Sfax in Tunisia, and the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia, under the supervision of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
and IEEE Electronics. This participation comes within a series of ongoing scientific and research activities by Professor Dr. Thamer Muhammad Jameel, which aim to keep pace with rapid scientific developments in various fields, and open new horizons for scientific and research cooperation with leading academic and research institutions at the international level.

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