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  • Postgraduate

    There are no postgraduate students because the department is newly established  

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  • syllabus

    Academic Program Specification Form for Communications engineering and telecommunications optical systems Academic Program Specification Form for Microwave Engineering and mobile communications

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  • alumni

    The department has no alumni yet, the highest stage in the department is third stage  

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  • graduation projects

    The graduation projects will be added next year when our students reach the forth (final) stage      

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  • accoumplished

    The department has no accomplished documents because the department is newly established    

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  • lectures

    Lectures for the four stages of the Department branches

Lecturer Dr. Hussam Hussien Ali delivered a seminar entitled "A Modular and Scalable Architecture
Lecturer Dr. Nihad Mohammed Ameen delivered a seminar entitled "Modern Control Systems" on the
  Assistant Prof. Dr. Ibtisam Rahima Krikhi on Tuesday, January 2, 2018, casted a seminar on
    The department participated in the workshop held at the Higher Institute of
               On Tuesday, 12/12/2017, a scientific symposium was held for
   Assistant Professor Dr. Imad Shehab Ahmed delivered the seminar entitled "MINIATURIZED
   Assist. Prof. Dr. Zanab Nasir Jameel of the Department of Communication Engineering,
   Prof. Dr. Imad Hussain Marza Al-Husseini attended a meeting of the Deans of the Engineering
   The President of the University of Technology Dr. Amin Dawai inspected the final
   Dr. Mohamed Hussein Mery in the Department of Communication Engineering has been promoted to

Announcements and upcoming events

09 December 2017
  Its required from all Faculty at Communication

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