vision,mission and objectives


The vision of the Department of Communication Engineering is to become a distinctive department which serves the needs of society and market of the country and be able to graduate engineers who can offer their professional services locally and internationally as well as developing their scientific ability so that they can pursue their higher education.



 The Department of Communication Engineering strives to achieve distinction in higher education and scientific research and to serve society and to stress the principles of scientific and cultural innovation and to contribute in producing, developing and publishing knowledge and to interact with local and international societies.


1. To qualify graduates in the field of communications engineering able to develop their careers and serve their country.
2. To qualify graduates with the ability to carry out theoretical and applied studies and researches to serve society and
participating in finding scientific solutions to its problems in the field of communications engineering.
3. Participate in serving the community through direct and 
continuous interaction with its institutions providing scientific
advice to these institutions, which leads to the benefit of society from the facilities of the department.
4. Continuous development of academic programs according to modern quality assurance standards and encouraging student various activities