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Students of the Department of Communications Engineering participate in a scientific conference in the Sultanate of Oman

With the direct support of the Head of the Department of Communications Engineering, Prof. Dr. Avaneen Anwar Abboud, students from the fourth stage participated in the twelfth scientific conference for graduation projects in engineering majors, which was held online at the University of Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman. The participation came with three graduation projects supervised by Prof. Dr. Thamer Muhammad Jamil, and the title of the first project for the student Arwa Atheel Hassan (monitoring water bodies using remote sensing satellites), and the second project for the two students Abdullah Khalil and Mansour Sami, which was titled (Analysis of the spread of the fifth generation channel for the transmitter and receiver with multiple inputs and outputs using the Nyusm simulation program), while the third project for the two students Jumana Muhammad and Maryam Khalil was entitled (Design of a simulation of visible light communications).



Wednesday, 24 May 2023 18:55

International Girls' Day

Participation of the Departments of Communications Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Technology in the celebration of International Girls' Day

With the support of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, the Department of Communications Engineering and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Technology participated in the celebration of International Girls' Day, with the participation of (26) students and (9) female teachers from the university, which is located in the Babylon Hotel, Gilgamesh Hall. Media and communications, in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union.

The celebration took place in the presence of the Minister of Communications and the Chairman of the Media and Communications Authority. This celebration took place with the support and coordination of the Women’s Empowerment Department in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the women’s empowerment units from the University of Technology, the Karkh University of Science and the University of Babylon, which had an active role in coordinating with the dean Colleges to select and nominate outstanding students to encourage students to continue their efforts and achieve excellence in the field of communications and information technology. A number of female teachers and students of the Departments of Communication and Computer Science from the University of Technology were honored for their distinguished efforts and promising projects in the field of technology from the Media and Communications Commission during the annual ceremony on the International Day of Technology Girls



On Wednesday, May 3, 2023, a discussion was held in the Electrical Engineering Department of the postgraduate student (Alwaleed Khaled Abbas) on his thesis tagged

(A Channel Estimation of Multicarrier Techniques with OFDM for 5G Wireless Communication System)

The discussion was attended by a number of professors, lecturers and graduate students in the department. After a distinguished scientific discussion by the discussion committee, which consisted of Prof. Dr. Hassan Fahd Khazal of the University of Wasit as Chairman and the membership of each of. Jabbar Khalaf Muhammad from the Department of Communications Engineering / University of Technology and Prof. Khaleda Shaaban Ragab from the Department of Electrical Engineering / University of Technology, in addition to a prof. Thamer Mohamed Jamil and Dr. Ali Karim Nahr, member and supervisor






























The Department of Communications Engineering holds a meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Council of Experts.

The Advisory Committee of the Council of Experts in the Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Technology held a meeting chaired by the Head of the Department. M. Dr.. Afaneen Anwar Abboud, in the presence of the members of the committee, each of the scientific assistant, Prof. M. Dr. Ali Jabbar Salem and administrative assistant m. Dr. Qusay Salem Tawfiq and the heads of the scientific branches prof. M. Dr. Muhammad Hussein Mari and M. Dr. Mustafa Haseeb Diaa, in addition to Professor Yahya Jaber, representing the Ministry of Electricity, and Prof. Dr. Jaber Salman Aziz, representative of Al-Rafidain University College, and engineer Hussein Abdul-Karim Falah, director of community initiatives for EarthLink. This meeting came in order to extend ways of cooperation between the Communications Engineering Department and the aforementioned institutions.

During the meeting, many issues were discussed, the most important of which were: The possibility of conducting general workshops within the department focusing on the real needs of communications engineers in governmental and private institutions, including security and civil ones. And building cooperation mechanisms between government and private institutions with the department. And the possibility of support for the specialized laboratories in the department to raise the level of engineering application for the student. Finding solutions to engineering problems in state institutions and presenting them as projects for postgraduate students.


Tuesday, 23 May 2023 18:36

scientific symposium on May

The Department of Communications Engineering organizes a scientific symposium on the attenuation caused by tropical rains for the fifth generation networks

As part of the activities of the second cultural season, the Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Technology organized a scientific symposium on (the attenuation caused by tropical rains for the fifth generation networks), which was delivered by the lecturer, Dr. Mustafa Ghanem Razzouqi, directed by Dr. Hussam Hussein, responsible for the Scientific Division and Cultural Relations, and directly sponsored by Prof. Prof. Dr. Afaneen Anwar Abboud, Head of the Department. The symposium aimed to introduce the fifth generation communication technology to provide a very high data transfer rate compared to the fourth generation technology, especially when using millimeter frequencies, as well as mentioning the reasons for the weak signal in the millimeter frequencies due to high rainfall in tropical countries.

Many models have been suggested by researchers to calculate the signal weakness caused by rain, as the International Telecommunication Union Radio communication ITU-R is still the most used model among these models to calculate predictions of the signal weakness caused by rain, as the statistical characteristics of the rain intensity were presented and calculated Signal weakness on 5G networks through data collected by several rain gauges. At frequencies (26.38Ghz).. At the end of the symposium, the lecturer reviewed the most important results related to the design of fifth generation networks.



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