Tuesday, 23 May 2023 19:06

Advisory Committee of the Council of Experts Meeting

The Department of Communications Engineering holds a meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Council of Experts.

The Advisory Committee of the Council of Experts in the Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Technology held a meeting chaired by the Head of the Department. M. Dr.. Afaneen Anwar Abboud, in the presence of the members of the committee, each of the scientific assistant, Prof. M. Dr. Ali Jabbar Salem and administrative assistant m. Dr. Qusay Salem Tawfiq and the heads of the scientific branches prof. M. Dr. Muhammad Hussein Mari and M. Dr. Mustafa Haseeb Diaa, in addition to Professor Yahya Jaber, representing the Ministry of Electricity, and Prof. Dr. Jaber Salman Aziz, representative of Al-Rafidain University College, and engineer Hussein Abdul-Karim Falah, director of community initiatives for EarthLink. This meeting came in order to extend ways of cooperation between the Communications Engineering Department and the aforementioned institutions.

During the meeting, many issues were discussed, the most important of which were: The possibility of conducting general workshops within the department focusing on the real needs of communications engineers in governmental and private institutions, including security and civil ones. And building cooperation mechanisms between government and private institutions with the department. And the possibility of support for the specialized laboratories in the department to raise the level of engineering application for the student. Finding solutions to engineering problems in state institutions and presenting them as projects for postgraduate students.