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General Authority meeting 2nd Dec. 2020

ززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززززThe Department of Communications Engineering / University of Technology held a meeting of the General Authority on the morning of 1, 2/12/2020, taking into account the health instructions and conditions of social distancing. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Head of the Department, Assistant Professor Dr. Afanin Anwar Abboud, the Assistants and the Heads of Scientific Branches. The Head of the Department congratulated the teaching staff at the end of the academic year 2019/2020, and the preparation for the new academic year 2020/2021.

Several points were presented at the meeting, including:

• Emphasizing the recommendations of the health committees, and applying the instructions of social distancing to all the employees of the department and in the laboratories and facilities of the department.

• Determining the pros and cons of the last academic year and how to overcome the cons.

• Congratulations to the teaching staff after obtaining the scientific promotion, and written thanks and appreciation from the University Presidency.

• Congratulations to the teaching staff after publishing scientific researches in reputable international journals within the SCOPUS and CLARIVATE repositories.

• Distributing assignments to the teaching staff, and determining the mechanism for dividing the academic schedule into laboratory and electronic lectures.

• Discussing the teaching staff’s working hours between attendance in laboratories or electronic lectures on the Google Meet platform.

• Encouraging and supporting the teaching staff to conduct scientific research and publish it in reputable international journals.

• The preparations for the formation of preparatory committees and supporting committees of the Department's teaching staff in early April 2021, to organize a scientific conference in conjunction with the Electrical Engineering Department and Control & Systems Engineering Department next September.

• Encouraging teaching staff to propose ideas and titles for fourth-stage students' graduation projects that keep pace with developments in the labor market.

• Instructing the scientific committees in the Scientific Branches of the Department to organize seminars, discussion sessions, and training and educational courses for the Department and University members.

• Urging students to abide by attending laboratories and electronic lectures on the Google Meet platform, and alert students if they do not attend lectures and to apply all ministerial instructions in cases of absence.

• The date of the graduation photo was determined on Thursday 12/24/2020.



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