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Mohaimen Qahtan Khalaf

Communication Engineering Department

Assistant Lecturer

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Mohaimen Al-Gburi is currently a faculty member (Assistant Lecturer) at the Department of Communications Engineering, University of Technology), Baghdad – Iraq. He holds an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from Altınbaş University, Turkey in 2021.


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• M.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Altınbaş University -Turkey.

• B.Sc, Electromechanical System Engineering, University of Technology – Iraq.


• Body-Centric Communication.

• Wearable Antenna.

• Internet of Things.

• Antennas.


1- Compact Antenna Design for RFID and IoT Applications, Hussein Al-Gburi, Mohaimen Algburi, Hussam Al-Saedi. IEEE, 2nd, ICMI 2022.

2- A Novel Design Reconfigurable Antenna Based on the Metamaterial for Wearable Applications, Mohaimen Algburi, Muhammad Ilyas. Journal of Physics: August, 2021.

3- Computer Vision and Image Processing the Challenges and Opportunities for New Technologies Approach: A paper review, Reem.M, Karrar Al-Jubouri, Mohaimen Algburi Journal of Physics, August 2021.


• Engineering Drawing Lab.

• Electronic Lab.

• DSP Lab.