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    There are no postgraduate students because the department is newly established  

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    Academic Program Specification Form for Communications engineering and telecommunications optical systems Academic Program Specification Form for Microwave Engineering and mobile communications

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    The department has no alumni yet, the highest stage in the department is third stage  

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    The graduation projects will be added next year when our students reach the forth (final) stage      

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    The department has no accomplished documents because the department is newly established    

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    Lectures for the four stages of the Department branches

Quality Division


Electrical Engineering Department strives to establish a system of quality assurance to continuously address, monitor and evaluate the quality of education offered to students, thus promoting effective teaching process and making our Department a center of excellence in engineering and technological studies.



Providing Quality Technical Education on par with Global Standards.



The mission of the laboratory is to provide the students a chance to put theory into practice. It also encourages the students to troubleshoot the electrical machines in organized and established manner.



1- This lab gives the students the first hand chance to get familiar with the DC machines and transformers which will be useful in Electrical Machines courses.

2- The lab instills in the students the awareness and practice of safety.

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09 December 2017
  Its required from all Faculty at Communication

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