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            Academic Year  (2020-2021)   Available Studies :- - M. Sc. In Wireless communications Systems Engineering. - M. Sc. In Optical communications Systems Engineering.   Notice: Assigned Seats to each branch: - - General admission   3.  - Special cost               2.                - Instructions for Postgraduate studies..  (Click here)               - Application Forms..    Form 500               Form 501 Form 502 Form 503 Form 504 Form 506 Form 600 Form 700           * Required Scientific Background for... M Sc. in Optical Comm. System Eng.   M. Sc. in Wireless Comm. Systems Eng. 1. B. Sc. in Optical Comm. Systems Eng. 1. B. Sc. in Wireless Comm. Systems Eng. 2. B. Sc. in Comm. Eng. 2. B. Sc. in Comm. Eng. 3. B. Sc. in Electronics and Comm. Eng. 3. B. Sc. in Electronics and Comm. Eng. 4. B. Sc. in Electrical Eng.   Notice: All postgraduate applicants must send the data and a copy of documents in one file as pdf format to the mail address below, provided that it submitted as a hard copy to the Graduate Studies Division to verify it. Online submission link      https://gradapply.uotechnology.edu.iq/ Email to send the file:       [email protected] * Postgraduate Competitive exam Subjects. 1. Engineering Analysis (both Wireless & Optical divisions) - Ref. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Erwin Kreyszic, 8th or 10th Edition. 2. Analog Communication Systems (both Wireless & Optical divisions) - Ref. Analog and Digital Communications, Schaum's Outline Series Second Edition. 3. Digital Communication (both Wireless & Optical divisions) - Ref. 1 Digital Communications Fundamentals and Applications, B. Sklar. - Ref. 2 Modem Analog & Digital communication Systems, B.P. Lathi. - Ref. 3 Communication Systems, S. Haykin. 4. Signal Processing (both Wireless & Optical divisions) - Ref. 1 John G. Proakis, Dimitris G. Manolakis,” Digital Signal Processing, Principles, Algorithms, and Applications; Fourth Edition - Ref. 2 Robert J. Schilling and Sandra L. Harris,” Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB®; Third Edition, 2017 5. Antennas (Wireless Communication Systems Engineering division) - Ref. Antennas, F.R. Connor. 6. Microwave Engineering (Wireless Communication Systems Engineering division) - Ref. Microwave Engineering, David M. Pozar, 4Ed, Wiley 2012. 7. Optical Fiber Communication (Optical Communication Systems Engineering division) - Ref. Optical Fiber Communication, Jone Senior, 2009. 8. Optical Networks (Optical Communication Systems Engineering division) - Ref. Optical Networks-A Practical Prespective, Murgan Kaufmann Publisher, 3rd Editioin.  

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    Academic Program Specification Form for Communications engineering and telecommunications optical systems Academic Program Specification Form for Microwave Engineering and mobile communications

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    The department has no alumni yet, the highest stage in the department is third stage  

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    The graduation projects will be added next year when our students reach the forth (final) stage      

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    The department has no accomplished documents because the department is newly established    

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    Lectures for the four stages of the Department branches

Quality Division


Electrical Engineering Department strives to establish a system of quality assurance to continuously address, monitor and evaluate the quality of education offered to students, thus promoting effective teaching process and making our Department a center of excellence in engineering and technological studies.



Providing Quality Technical Education on par with Global Standards.



The mission of the laboratory is to provide the students a chance to put theory into practice. It also encourages the students to troubleshoot the electrical machines in organized and established manner.



1- This lab gives the students the first hand chance to get familiar with the DC machines and transformers which will be useful in Electrical Machines courses.

2- The lab instills in the students the awareness and practice of safety.

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