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Shayma Wail Nourildean

Communication Engineering Department


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Shayma Wail Nourildean is a lecturer (a member of an academic staff) in Communication Engineering department in University of Technology (UOT), Baghdad – Iraq. She Holds a M.Sc. degree in Control and Computer Engineering with specialization in Computer Engineering since 2006 and She had received B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Baghdad University in 2002. Her research areas are Computer Networks, Data Communication and Wireless Sensor Networks. I published a number of papers in national and international journals and participated in multiple national and international conferences.
Her research interests are in the area of:
• Computer Networks.
• Data Communication.
• Wireless Sensor Networks.
• AI and IoT

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• M.Sc., Computer engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad - Iraq, 2006.

• B.Sc., Computer Engineering, University of Baghdad, 2003

• Computer Networks.

• Computer Communication.

• Wireless Sensor Networks.

• Internet of Things.

• Artificial Intelligent.

1. "Virtual Local Area Network Performance Improvement Using Ad Hoc Routing Protocols in a Wireless Network".
Shayma Wail Nourildean, Yousra Abd Mohammed, and Hussein Ali Attallah.
MDPI, Computers, 12, 2, 28 / Jan. 28/2023.

2. "IoT based Wireless Sensor Network Improvement Against Jammers Using Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols".
Shayma Wail Nourildean and Yousra Abd Mohammed.
International Association of Online Engineering, International journal of interactive mobile technologies, 17, 7/2023.

3. "Investigating the Impact of Network Topologies on the IoT-Based WSN in Smart Home Monitoring System".
Shayma Wail Nourildean, Yousra Abd Mohammed and May T. Abdulhadi.
Eastern European journal of Enterprise Technologies, 6(9(120))/2022.

4. "AD-Hoc Routing Protocols in WSN-WiFi based IoT in Smart Home".
Shayma Wail Nourildean, Mustafa Dhia Hassib and Yousra Abd Mohammed.
IEEE, 15th International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering (DeSE)/2023.

5. "Internet of Things based Wireless Sensor Network - WiFi Coexistence in Medical Applications".
Shayma Wail Nourildean and Abdulkreem Mohammed Salih.
IEEE, 8th International Engineering Conference on Sustainable Technology and Development (IEC)/2022.

6. "Internet of things based wireless sensor network: a review".
Shayma Wail Nourildean, Mustafa Dhia Hassib and Yousra Abd Mohammed.
iaes, Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Scienc, 27, 1/2022.

7. "Internet of things based wireless sensor network: a review".
Shayma W. Nourildean, Sabbar I Jasim, May T. Abdulhadi and Mustafa Musa Jaber.
Eastern European journal of Enterprise Technologies, 119 , 9/2022.

8. VPN–Based WiMAX Network Protection Against Jamming Attacks for VoIP Application. Shayma W Nourildean, Siddeeq Y Ameen, Yousra A Mohammed Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 2312, Issue 1, 2022.

9. Mobile ad hoc network improvement against jammers for video applications using riverbed modeler (v17. 5). Shayma Wail Nourildean, Yousra Abd Mohammed, Abdulkreem Mohammed Salih, Webology , Volume 19, Issue 1, 2022.

10. An Intelligent Encrypt/Decrypt Algorithm in IOT regarding home data Privacy and Security. Shayma W Nourildean, Yousra A Mohammed, International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems, Volume 13, Issue 1, 2023.

11. ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Network: A Review. Shayma Wail Nourildean, Solid State Technology, Volume 63, Issue 6, 2020.

12. Improved Watermark Criteria Through Mark image. Abdulkreem Mohammed Salih, Karam MZ Othman, Shayma Wail Nourildean, NTU Journal of Engineering and Technology, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2022.

13. ZigBee-Based wireless sensor network topologies using one and multiple coordinators. Shayma Wail Nourildean, Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Volume 8. Issue 3, 2020.

14. Firewall and VPN investigation on cloud computing performance. Siddeeq Y Ameen, Shayma Wail Nourildean, International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Survey, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2014.

15. Coordinator and router investigation in IEEE802. 15.14 ZigBee wireless sensor network, Siddeeq Y Ameen, Shayma Wail Nourildean, International Conference on Electrical Communication, Computer, Power, and Control Engineering (ICECCPCE), 2013.

16. IEEE 802.15. 4 ZigBee-based wireless sensor network in medical application. Sabbar Insaif Jassim, Shayma Wail Nourildean, Iraqi Journal of Science, Volume 53, Issue 4, 2012.

17. Image Deblurring and Effect of Wiener, Regularized, Lucky-Richardson, Blind-Deconvolution, Average and Median Filters on Blurred Image and Noisy Image. Shayma Wail Nourildean, Mohammed Ismaeel Khalil, Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, Volume 21, Issue 1, 2014.

18. Wireless Local Area Network VLAN Investigation and Enhancement Using Routing Algorithms. Siddeeq Y Ameen, Shayma Wail Nourildean, Int. J. Eng. Adv. Technol, Volume 3, Issue 2, 2014.

19. Study the Impact of Integrating VPN with Firewall for Securing WiMAX using OPNET Modeler Simulation Program. Sabbar Insaif Jasim, Shayma Wail Nourildean, The Second Engineering Conference of Control, Computers and Mechatronics Engineering (ECCCM2, February 25-27, 2014).

• Digital Signal Processing

• Computer Architecture.

• Engineering Analysis.

• Computer Networks

• Micro Computers

• Computers

**** Major Certificates ****

• Acknowledgements from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

• Many Acknowledgements from the president of the University of Technology.

• Many Acknowledgements from the President of Communication Engineering Department.

• from the Head of Electronic Department/Northern Technical Institute.

• Certificate of peer reviewing a number of papers in national and international journals and conferences.

• Certificate of completion number of scientific courses.