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Dr. Nihad Mohammed Ameen

Communication Engineering Department

Assistant Prof

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Nihad Mohammed Ameen earned his Ph.D. in Mechatronic Engineering from the Department of in Mechatronic Engineering at the South Russian State Technical University. Nihad earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mechatronic engineering from the University of Technology (UOT), Baghdad, Iraq in 2005. Nihad is a faculty member in the Communication Engineering Department at the University of Technology (UOT) since 2017. Member in Iraqi Engineering union, Member of Association of University Lectures.
His research interested focus on modeling and the simulation of communication and control using IoT and intelligent control techniques.

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PhD, Mechatronic Engineering, South Russian State Technical University, Russia, 2016.

Msc, Mechatronic Engineering, University of Technology, 2005.

Bsc, Mechatronic Engineering, University of Technology, 1995.

• Communication Engineering.

• Intelligent System.

• Mechatronic Fields.

• Power Electronics.

• Control Systems.

• IoT Networks.

• Systems Stability.

• Smart Sensors.

1. Tuning controller for Induction Motor using Model Reference Adaptive Control.

2. D.C. Servo Position Control Parameter Estimation.

3. Single Link Robot Arm Trajectory Following Using Model Reference Adaptive Control.

4. Glebov N. A, Amin N.M. Management of Tracked Mobile Vehicles and Robots, Eighth All-Russian Multiconference, Galenchik, Russia, 2014.

5. Nihad M. Ameen, СONTROL OF AUTONOMOUS MOBILE TRACKED VEHICLES AND ROBOTS IN THE NONFORMALIZED MEDIUM, Technical Science, Publisher: Southern Federal University (Rostov-On-Don), ISSN: 0321-2653, 2015.

6. N.A. Glebov, N.M. Amin, MANAGEMENT OF AUTONOMOUS MOBILE CRAWLING MACHINES AND ROBOTS IN THE INFORMALIZED ENVIRONMENT, Technical Science Series, Publisher: North-Caucasian region, Issue: #3, September 2015.

7. Amin Nihad Mohammed, MOTION MANAGEMENT TRACK MOBILE ROBOT AT THE OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE, Student Scientific Spring, (competition of scientific and technical works), South Russian State Polytechnic University, Novocherkassk. Russia, 2016.

8. Evaluation of Vector-Controlled Asynchronous Machines, Ammar S Muhammed, Nihad M Ameen, 2019, IRAQI JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS, COMMUNICATION AND CONTROL & SYSTEMS ENGINEERING.

9. IoT-based Shutter Movement Simulation for Smart Greenhouse using Fuzzy-Logic Control, Nihad M. Ameen1 Communication Engineering Department, Dese International Conference. 2019. Russia.

10. Robust nonlinear PD controller for ship steering autopilot system based on particle swarm optimization technique. Nihad M. Ameen, Abdulrahim Thiab Humod.

1- CE 3103 / Control Engineering I, University of Technology Baghdad-Iraq.

2- CE 3203 / Control Engineering II, University of Technology Baghdad-Iraq.

3- DSP in Computer science department, University of Technology Baghdad-Iraq.

4- Design and Implementation of laboratory equipment at electrical engineering department.

5- CEO 2203 / Optical Sensors II, University of Technology Baghdad-Iraq.