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Dr. Ali Yousif Fattah

Communication Engineering Department


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Dr. Ali Yousif Fattah his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Department of Theoretical Principles of Electrical Engineering at Saint Petersburg State Technical University, Russia , 1991. Ali Y. Fattah earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Baghdad, Iraq in 1982. He is a faculty member in the Communication Engineering Departments at the University of Technology (UOT) since 1992.
His research interested focus on Optical Fiber Communications and Optical Networks.

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PhD, Electrical Engineering, Saint Petersburg Stats Technical University, Russia, 1991.

BSc, Electrical Engineering, University of Baghdad, 1982.

• Optical Fiber Communications, Optical Networks & Electromagnetic Fields.

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o Under graduate:-

1- Communication Engineering (Digital & Analog Communication).

2- Digital Signal Processing.

3- Optical Fiber Communication systems.

4- Electromagnetic Field Engineering.

5- Electric Circuits.

6- Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering.

7- Information Theory.

8- Signals and Systems.

9- Optical Networks.


o Post graduate:-

1- Optical Fiber Communications.

2- Digital Signal Processing.

3- Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves.

4- Information Theory.

5- Microwave Engineering.