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Zainab Faydh Mohammed

Communication Engineering Department

Assistant Lecturer

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Zainab Faydh Mohammed is an assistant lecturer (a member of an academic staff) in Communication Engineering department in University of Technology (UOT), Baghdad – Iraq. She holds Master degree in Electrical engineering / electronics from University of Technology and B.Sc. degree in electrical and Electronic Engineering, university of technology, Iraq.

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• M.Sc. in electrical and Electronic Engineering, university of technology, Iraq .

• B.Sc in electrical and Electronic Engineering, university of technology, Iraq .

• the design, analysis and processing of optical communication systems.

1. Zainab Faydh, Ali Yousif Fattah, "Electronic Signal Processing for Cancelation of Optical Systems Impairments" IJCCCE Vol.13, No.2, 2013.

2. Fatima Faydhe AL-Azawi, Zainab Faydh AL-Azawi, Rafed shaker AL- Fartosy" Design and Simulation of Pulse Code Modulation Multiplexing (PCMM) and De-Multiplexing Technique in MATLAB" ,Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication, Volume-3 Issue-10, March 2014.

3. Zainab Faydh, Fatima Faydhe AL-Azawi, Sada faydhe al azzawi" M-PSK system performance in multi-channel environments with Matlab Simulink models", Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences,2019.

4. Fatima faydhe Al- Azzawi, Faeza Abas Abid, Zainab faydhe Al-Azzawi" Performance Comparison between DPSK and OQPSK modulation approaches in multi environments channels with Matlab Simulink models", Wasit journal of engineering science,Volume-7,Issue-1, 2019.

5. Fatima Faydhe AL-Azzawi, Zainab Faydh" Modulation and RS-CC rate specifications in WiMAX IEEE 802.16 Standard with MATLAB Simulink model"

6. Abdulkareem, S.F., Faydh, Z., Al-Nuaimi, D.H. "Investigation of dualband fan-shaped microstrip bandpass filter".

• Basics of communications.

• Digital communications.

• Computer applications Engineering Analysis.

• Optical communications.

**** Major awards ****

• Major Certificates:

• Thanks, and Appreciation from head of Computer Technology Engineering Department, 2018.

• Many Thanks and Appreciation from Dean of Al-Mansour University College during the period of my job.

• Many Thanks and Appreciation from Minister of higher education and scientific research.