Cinque Terre

Dr. Jabbar Khalaf Mhammed

Communication Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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Jabbar K. Mohammed received his Ph.D. (2007) in communication Engineering from the University of Technology. He graduated from al-Rasheed College - Iraq in 1993 and 1999 for his bachelor and master degrees. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Department of Communication Engineering, University of Technology - Iraq.

He has published over 10 papers in journals and conferences. His research fields focus on electrical and electronic engineering , communication engineering

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• PhD, Communication Engineering, The University of Technology, Iraq, 2007.

• MSc, Communication Engineering, al-Rasheed College - Iraq, 1999.

• BSc, electrical and electronic Engineering, al-Rasheed College -Iraq, 1993.

• Wireless communication.

• Optical communication.

1. Jabbar K. Mohammed, Ayad M. Salman and Roshen T. Ahmed, 2011. “Research study of the possibility of using windmills in irrigation in remote areas for agriculture in Iraq”. 1't Scientific conference of Energy & Energy Applications 2011.

2. Fouad Sh. Tahir, Ayad M. Salman, Jabbar K. Mohammed, Wahab K. Ahmed, 2012. “Data Acquisition System for Wind Speed, Direction and Temperature Measurements”. Journal of Engineering, Number 11 Volume 18 November 2012.

3. Fouad Shaker Tahir Jabbar Khalaf Mohammed, 2013. “Sun Tracking System Based on Neural Network”. Journal of Engineering and Development, Vol. 17, No.6, December 2013, ISSN 1813- 7822.

4. Emad S. AHMED, Jabbar K. MOHAMMED, 2018, Compact Wideband Lowpass Filter Based on Inverted Cascading Stubs. The Eurasia Proceedings of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (EPSTEM), 2018, Volume 2, Pages 186-191.

5. Jabbar Kh. Mohammed, 2019. Assessment of Optimal Bragg Grating Length for Optical performance using Two Apodization Functions, Iraqi Journal of Computers, Communications, Control & Systems Engineering (IJCCCE), Vol. 19, No. 3, July 2019.

6. Jabbar Kh. Mohammed, 2019. “Using Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Power in Air-Conditioning Processes by Adsorption Technique”. JOURNAL OF MADENT ALELEM COLLEGE VOL 11 NO.1, YEAR 2019.

7. Jabbar K. Mohammed, 2020. “Reduction cost and energy consumption for led smart lighting street technology in Iraq”. Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Vol. 20, No. 2, November 2020, pp. 662~669.

• Level 4: Cryptography.

• Level 4: Data Transmission.

• Level 4: Secure Communication System.

• Level 3: digital Communication.

• Level 1: Mathematic.

• Level 1: English Language.

• Certificate of Appreciation, University of Technology (UOT), October 2011.

• Certificate of Appreciation, University of Technology (UOT), April 2012.