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Faez Fawwaz Shareef

Communication Engineering Department


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Faez Fawwaz Shareef earned his Ph.D. in Communication Engineering from Al-Nahrin University. He earned M.Sc. in Communication Engineering from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology. Faez earned his bachelor’s degree in communication engineering from the University of Technology (UOT), Baghdad, Iraq in 2002. Faez is a faculty member in the communication Engineering Department at the University of Technology (UOT) since 2005.
His research interested focus on wireless network, cognitive radio, massive MIMO, and 5G.

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• Ph.D., Communication Engineering, Al-Nahrin University, 2023.

• M.Sc., Communication Engineering, University of Technology, 2004.

• B.Sc., Communication Engineering, University of Technology, 2001.

• Massive MIMO.

• Cognitive Radio.

• Wireless Communication.

• 5G.

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