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Dr. Mustafa Dhyaa Hassib

Communication Engineering Department


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Mustafa Dhyaa Hassib AL-Qaisi earned his Ph.D. in communication Engineering from the Department of Electrical, Electronic and System Engineering at the National University of Malaysia in 2014. Mustafa earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in communication Engineering from the University of Technology (UOT), Baghdad, Iraq in 1991 and 2003. Mustafa is a faculty member in the communication Engineering Department at the University of Babel and Technology University since 2004. He is also serving as a member of the academic staff at Communication Engineering Department. His research interested focus on modeling of wireless and mobile communication system & coding and information theories and optical communication.

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PhD communication Engineering, National University of Malaysia in 2014.

M.Sc. communication Engineering, Al-Rashad college, 2003.

B.Sc.Eng. Electronic and communication Engineering, University of Technology, 1991.

• wireless communication system. • mobile communication system. • coding theory. • information theory. • optical communication.

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1. "Computer network", 2006-2010, University of Babel, Babylon-Iraq.

2. "Spread Spectrum systems" ,2018-Present, University of Technology, Baghdad-Iraq.

3. "Information theory and Coding". 2005-2010, University of Babel, Babylon-Iraq. 2015 - Present, University of Technology Baghdad-Iraq.

1. Certifications on optical fiber splicing and switching techniques/1999.

2. Certifications of network manager of Cisco Certified CCNA/2007 .

3. Certifications on English skills /2011-UKM.

4. Certifications in MATLAB programming/2012-UKM.

5. Certifications in MIMO System/2013-UKM.

6. Certifications in Coding System/2014-UKM.

7. Certifications in Quality inspector/2018.