Saturday, 09 December 2017 15:00

The Head of Communications Engineering Department is attending a meeting of Deans of Engineering Colleges


Prof. Dr. Imad Hussain Marza Al-Husseini attended a meeting of the Deans of the Engineering Colleges in Iraq.
The meeting was opened by Mr. President of the University of Kufa and stressed the importance of the engineering side in the country and the development of human resources to build our dear country.
The Deans discussed the details and paragraphs of the agenda which included 56 articles under the oversight of the main axes: Syllabus, the creation of the scientific departments, the teaching staff of the private engineering colleges, the formation of committees of experts to advance the specialized engineering reality in Iraq, the introduction of postgraduate studies in some engineering colleges, At the end of the meeting, the delegation met with the Governor of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf and all stressed the hard work to develop the engineering aspect in the country.

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