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Tuesday, 11 April 2023 06:22

Scientific Symposium


The Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Technology, and within the activities of the second cultural season for the year 2022-2023, held a scientific symposium on the antenna, in the presence of the head of the Communications Engineering Department, Asst. Prof. Dr. Avaneen Anwar, a teacher and members of the department, and the lecture was given by Dr.Muhammad Abdel-Razzaq, entitled

Multiband Cp Antenna

In it, he explained that identifying circularly polarized antennas in a scientific and accurate manner, with a focus on the latest developments in this field, and addressing the most important methods and theories to obtain more than one package that has a circular polarization feature in one antenna. Highlighting the methodologies used by researchers to photograph and analyze different aspects of the antennas Multi-beams with circular polarization, focusing on the latest devices used in this regard and knowing the types of antennas with multiple beams with circular polarization, as well as addressing the most important applications in which this type of antenna must be used.


The Associate Head of the Communications Engineering Department for Administrative Affairs, Lecturer Dr. Qusay Salem Tawfiq, published a scientific research entitled (Density estimation of SARS-CoV 2 spike proteins using super-pixels segmentation technique). This research proposes a modern method for pictorial analysis of medicine that uses a technique (super-pixels segmentation)

To estimate the density of proteins present on the surface of pneumonia viruses, which are the cause of transmission and infection of healthy cells in the human body. In this research, images of the virus (SARS Cove 2) taken using the nanometer technique were adopted using the electron microscope. The density of proteins is one of the most important factors - to determine the severity of the infection, the extent of the development of the disease diagnosis, as well as the level of treatment and the patient's recovery after undergoing the approved treatment protocols. Therefore, this research is of great scientific importance that can be used in diagnosis and monitoring the level of recovery by adopting a rapid technique in the image analysis of the virus. The research has been published in the journal Applied soft computing Which is issued by the international publishing house Elsevier with an impact factor of 8.263 and is located in the first quarter Q1 within the Clarivate site-score index of 12.4.


Tuesday, 04 April 2023 07:40

Sceintific Visit to the Central Library

Within the annual curriculum of the Department of Communications Engineering, a scientific visit was held for the students of our department (the first stage) to the central library to see what is available in the library from the sources of information that they need and to see the information systems used to search for sources in all their forms. Some sources were borrowed by students to support the subjects they study in the field of competence of the Department of Communications Engineering The visit took place on Wednesday 3/29/2023, and the students of our department were also briefed on the sections of the central library, its divisions, its halls for reading, and the services it provides to students of preliminary and postgraduate studies.