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It was headed by Prof. Afanin Anwar Abboud (Head of the Communications Engineering Department at the University of Technology)

Discussion committee for the master’s thesis in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Karbala - College of Engineering for the student "Ahmed Rahim Ali" About his tagged thesis

" ‏Best incorporation for hybrid generation units in Iraq electrical networks

The discussion committee consisted of the following professors:

Assist. prof. Dr. Afaneen Anwer Alkhazraji, Chairman

Dr. Haider Muhammad Imran, member

Dr. Yasser Falah Hassan, member

prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Razzaq Abbas, member

and supervisor prof. Dr. Shmem Fadel Abbas, member and supervisor




The Department of Communications Engineering held a training workshop entitled

A practical guide to writing an informative literature review

Within the skills development program in the Department of Communications Engineering, it was delivered by Dr. Hossam Hussein Ali, a lecturer in the Department of Communications Engineering, in the presence of a wide group of graduate students from various departments.
The workshop aimed to understand the purpose of reviewing scientific literature, learn ways to organize your literature, and determine potential goals for conducting the review. The steps for reviewing literature and scientific reviews were also clarified.
The workshop also included many topics, the most prominent of which are:
How to define the scope of the research field and the topic of investigation, as well as locate relevant literature, identify which methods and tools are useful and which have less potential, avoid unintended duplication of previous studies, and also put researchers in a better position to interpret the significance of their findings as well as organize the quality and relevant information that The process of writing and presenting information defines the current research and the purpose and benefits of the new research.







The Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a master's degree to student Jaafar Ali Jaafar for his thesis

“Evaluating the performance of multiple-input, multiple-output technology on an optical network.”


The thesis aims to design a free-space communication system with a high data transfer rate through the use of different types of advanced modulation techniques under different climatic conditions

. In addition, applying multiple input, multiple output technology to mitigate these effects. The message also aimed to increase the capacity of the system by using WDM technology with different spacing distances between channels and observing the effect of changing that distance on the system.

:Most notable results
The use of multiple inputs and multiple outputs technology led to improving the system by reducing the effect of signal drop due to weather and increasing the transmission range by 49.3%, 78.6%, and 108% for the 2x2, 4x4, and 8x8 technologies, respectively, under clear weather conditions. This percentage decreased to 12.33%, 18.5%, and 24.6% under heavy dust conditions.
The discussion committee consisted of the following professors:
prof. Dr. Ali Jabbar Salem, Chairman
prof Dr. Samer Muhammad Ali, member
Dr. Ali Karim Nahar, member
prof.  Dr. Atheer Alaa Sabry, member and supervisor
prof. Dr. Wael Abdel Hassan Hadi, member and supervisor