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A teaching staff member from Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Technology, in a discussion committee for a Master's thesis.

Assistant Professor Dr. Thamer M. Jamel,   participated in the discussion of the Master's thesis / Nahrain University / Department of Electronic and Communications Engineering.
      titled ...

(( Frequency Domain Adaptive Equalization of Multipath Fast Fading in OFDM Communications )). 
That was held on Sunday, 6th - Sep. -2020.

committee order

Iraq seeds for the future program started on 7th to 11th Sep. 2020, with participation of 5 students from Communication Engineering Department at University of Technology.
The students got latest technology training and courses include 5G, AI, and Cloud. 
Huawei is Honor and privilege to recognize and award our students who passed the program successfully for seeds for the future program which held online on 24th Sep. 2020 at 2:00PM.
Huawei Ceremony 1 
 Huawei Ceremony 2
 Huawei Ceremony 3

Dr. Emad Shehab Ahmed has been promoted to the rank of professor started from 10th April, 2019, in the

Department of Communication Engineering,

According to the university order (155) dated in 18th April-2020, and according to the University Council that held in 17th April, 2020.


whole faculty members congratulated him, and wished him the continuity of success to serve our university and country.


Dr. Emad Shehab Ahmed


Dr. Imad Shihab in the Department of Communication Engineering has been promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor and according to the university order No. 371 on 12/5/2017 specializing in Communications Engineering. The whole Department congratulated him and wished him the continuity of success to service to serve our dearest country.

Prof. Dr. Emad Shehab Ahmed, a staff member in Department of Communications Engineering / University

of Technology, received a certificate of appreciation for his efforts in evaluating the scientific researchs

presented to the scientific conference


The 2019 5th International Conference on Science in Information Technology (ICSITech)


as indicated in the certificate and letter sent by the conference organizer.


Certificate of Appreciation

Letter of Appreciation


Dr. Emad Shehab Ahmed



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