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The First Undergraduate Projects Festival 2020

The University of Technology held its first electronic festival for the period October 31 - November 5, 2020, for graduation projects of the final year (Challenge and Innovation Festival) to display the scientific products of the university departments for the 2019-2020 academic year, which was held electronically through the (Google Meet) application. Clearly, this academic year was classified as an exceptional year for challenge and diligence in light of the difficult circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic.

Therefore, the University Presidency, represented by the president of the university (Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban), the Scientific Deputy (Asst. Prof. Dr. Haider Abd Dhahd) and the rest of the advanced cadres in the scientific departments have summoned all possibilities to overcome the difficulties imposed by the pandemic and work to transform this challenge into a future action plan that merges electronic education with traditional education. The graduation projects for this year were distinguished by creativity, due to the high keenness in choosing project topics to be applied and inspired by the needs of the labor market to prepare competent engineers who are capable of developing correct scientific solutions and keeping pace with development and innovation. Advanced cadres in engineering companies and institutions that are concerned with following up the scientific and engineering developments of our accredited university were invited to listen and participate in the students' review of their projects.

With regard to the Department of Communications Engineering, the participation was made with three distinct and applied projects inspired by the needs of the labor market, as it was suggested the teaching staff in the department according to the recommendations of the Head of the Department and the Heads of Scientific Branches in including the correct scientific solutions and keeping pace with the development and innovation in the proposed projects. And the candidate projects are: -



Project Title




 An Adaptive Channel Estimation Algorithm for Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems

 Asst. Prof. Thamer M. Jamel

 1. Thulfiqar Aziz Sahib

 2. Rafal Kamal Mohammed


 Bit Error Rate Performance of MPSK over AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channel

 Dr. Jabbar M. Khalaf

 1. Duaa Ossama Said


 IOT Based Fire Department Alerting System

 Asst. Lect. Hussein A. Attallah

 1. Ali Sadeq Abdul-Samad

 2. Inas Hasan Mohammed


 أ.م.د. ثامر محمد جمیل  م.د.جبار خلف محمد  م.م. حسين علي عطاالله
 Asst. Prof. Thamer M. Jamel  Dr. Jabbar M. Khalaf  Asst. Lect. Hussein A. Attallah