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scientific visit to Zain Iraq

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Some of the professors and students of the fourth stage, Optical Communications Systems Engineering Branch, in the Communications Engineering Department, made a scientific visit to Zain Iraq Telecommunications Company. The visit witnessed a meeting with some of the engineers working in the company to learn about the nature of the work of a communications engineer and the challenges they face in the labor market.
The teaching staff, represented by Dr. Mustafa Ghanem, Dr. Mustafa Sami, assist lect. Ahmed Hamza, Assist lect. Ayman Nusair, and the students, were received by Mr. Ali Makki Hussein, who is responsible for entrepreneurship in the company, and Mr. Sarmad Saad Ali, head of the geographical marketing unit.
The tour also included a visit to the company's NOC department to enable the students to see the practical side of the work of a communications engineer and to give the students an idea of the places in which they can advance in the labor market in the future.

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