Monday, 01 May 2023 23:38

Sceintific symposium 27/4/2023

The Department of Communications Engineering organizes a scientific symposium on the deception detection system based on multi-feature extraction techniques As part of the activities of the second cultural season

The Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Technology held a scientific symposium on (deception detection system based on multi-feature extraction techniques), which was delivered by Professor Dr. Shaima Hamid Abd, moderated by Dr. Hossam Hussein, head of the Scientific and Cultural Relations Division, in the presence of Prof. M. Dr. Avaneen, my teaching staff, and the department staff. The symposium aimed to introduce the three deception detection features or non-verbal features, which are facial expressions, head movements, and eye gaze, as this system is tested based on a set of collected data. Where the data was collected through video recordings from the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Mustansiriya University and Ibn Sina University for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences for 102 people, 25 of them were females and 77 were males, between the ages of 18-55 years.

The symposium included an introduction to how to process the recorded video clips and convert them into small video clips, which numbered 888 clips, which is considered the largest database collected for the Iraqi people for the purpose of detecting deception. It should be noted that six types of classifiers were used in this work, including decision classifiers, as the classifier with the highest accuracy was implemented in several ways on a Spartan-3A 700A (FPGA) device.