Wednesday, 27 December 2017 17:57

The department participation in the workshop of distribution of communication and the Internet towers



The department participated in the workshop held at the Higher Institute of Communication and Post of the Ministry of Communications on Wednesday 20/12/2017. The workshop entitled

"Distribution of Communication and Internet Towers and their Impact on the Environment and Human and the Proposed Solutions for the Integration and Redistribution of Towers."

The workshop focused on discussing the damages resulting from the large number of mobile towers and the Internet on residential areas near these towers. Participants discussed the studies and practical measurements in this area prepared by the World Health Organization and other international platforms working in this area. The workshop concluded with recommendations for the prevention of electromagnetic radiation and proposed a number of solutions to reduce the impact of these towers. Assist. Prof. Dr. Atheer Alaa and Assist. Prof. Dr. Jamal Mohammed Rasool participated in researches in this workshop.

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