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Seminar on the scientific Scholarship of Assist. Prof. Dr. Imad ShehabAhmed


Assistant Professor Dr. Imad Shehab Ahmed delivered the seminar entitled


on Tuesday 19/9/2017 at the Martyr Mohammed Fadhel Hall. The researcher reviewed the profile of the University of Sulaiman Demirel / Turkey and the Faculty of Engineering in particular and its sections, He reviewed his work at the university and gave an overview of the research done at the university. The seminar was attended by the Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Imad Hussein Mirza, the Scientific and Administrative Deputies, the Heads of the Scientific Branches and the honorable teaching staff. On the basis of the University Order No. 1165 dated 9/8/2016 for the granting of a full-time scientific scholarship at the University of Sulaiman Demirel in the Republic of Turkey to Assist. Prof. Dr. Imad Shehab Ahmed where he began his work as a researcher in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering / University Suleiman Demirel / Turkey on 5/9/2016 to 1/9/2017.

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